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Quick Details

Minimum of 10 Students

1 Chaperone per 10 students

Student Curriculum


Roer’s Zoofari is the ultimate destination for school field trips!


  • 3 Experience Package
    • Guided Safari Tram Tour (Private)
    • Petting Zoo (Includes cup of carrot)
    • Aviary (Includes a bird stick)
  • Pavilion Area – Picnic for lunch
  • Private animal encounters – available at booking – $40+ per animal
  • Feeding animals – up close and personal!


  • Must arrive with the students and are responsible for student behavior.

Curriculum Experiences (Optional) – $25 per student
Advanced booking required and includes admission (3 experience package).

  • Option 1: Animal Adaptions 

-Students will be provided with a Roer’s Zoofari scavenger hunt to learn about the adaptations of the various animals here at the zoo. An animal keeper will take the students on a mini tour and talk about the different types of animal adaptations and how those adaptations aid in the animals survival in the wild and in captivity. This curriculum takes roughly 30 minutes.


  • Option 2: Diet and Nutrition   

-Students will take part in preparing diets for some of our animals at the zoo led by one of our animal keepers. The students will learn about the different types of dietary needs of the animals here at Roer’s Zoofari and what those animals would eat in their natural habitat. Students will then get to help feed and observe the animals being fed their diet they prepared. Each student will receive a diet related crossword puzzle that requires them to search for answers on the animal signs throughout the zoo. This curriculum takes roughly 45 minutes.


  • Option 3: Enrichment and Welfare 

-This curriculum will be led by an animal keeper and will allow students to learn about what exactly animal welfare is, why it’s important, and about our welfare practices here at Roer’s Zoofari. The animal keeper will also teach the students about the five types of enrichment and how animal enrichment ties into animal welfare. They will discuss our enrichment program here at the zoo and why it’s important for the animals. The students will take part in putting together enrichment for an animal at the zoo. The students and animal keeper will provide the animals with the enrichment activity and the students will be able to observe and discuss how the enrichment impacted the animals environment. This curriculum takes roughly an hour. 


  • Option 4: Animal Classifications

-Students will learn about the various classification of animals i.e. mammals, avians, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. They will learn what attributes are unique to each animal’s classification and why we classify them. This will include a brief tour from the animal staff and an animal classification chart that the students can fill out with the information they have learned. This curriculum takes roughly 30 minutes.


  •  Available weekdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Open Labor Day and Columbus Day
  • No same-day reservations


  • Camera
  • Smiles!
  • Picnic (optional)

For further information contact [email protected]