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Adult Ages 12 and older
Kid Ages 3 to 11

Our Commitment to Conservation

As an institution committed to conservation, improving the environment, and preventing the spread of the pandemic, we are not handing out 40,000 plastic eggs, as we have in the past. This year we are excited to announce that the event will be plastic friendly! Roer’s Zoofari staff will hand out goody bags and participate in safe, fun and COVID-friendly arts and crafts.


Dates: March 27th -28th, 2021 and April 3rd & 4th, 2021

Adult: $25  Child: $20    Prices are increased at the door!

Day and Time: Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm

  • Last admission time: Driving Tour – 5:00pm
  • Last admission entry: Walking Tour – 5:00pm (without wristband), 5:30pm (with wristband)
    • Wristband guests are coming from the Self Drive Safari tour.

Season Pass Members will need to use the 2021 Easter promo code to book reservations. Email Guest Services to verify membership or visit the Gift Shop to receive promo code.

  • Member Child Admission: $5/each (ages 3+)
  • Member Adult Admission: Complimentary

NEW THIS YEAR! The Easter Parade will include our wonderful Zookeepers with some of our animals walking through the Zoo once a day. Our Zookeepers and animals will follow a parade route and end at the pavilion area for guests to interact with animals. Currently our Warthog, Pony, Tortoises, Goat and Macaw will accompany Zookeepers in the parade. Guests with reservations scheduled around the parade time will be able to view our parade on our Instagram and TikTok page.

Time:12:15pm – 12:45pm 

Families visiting our beautiful Aviary will enjoy the opportunity to create their own brightly colored bird stick to feed our parakeet and budgie birds. Children will dip their own bird stick in a millet mix and enjoy feeding in the Aviary!

Additional Festivities (Pavilion Area)

  • Time Blocks are suggested 2 hour time blocks to enjoy the additional festivities included during the Spring Fling! Guests will enjoy a free roam area of crafts, games, animal encounters, Easter Bunny photos, music, bubbles and more easter bags!
    We will require all guests to select one time block to their reservation.
  • Arts and Crafts will be pre-packaged coloring kits and can be colored at our pavilions! We will have a limit on the number of children (at a time) for all us to socially distance and allow staff to sanitize in between children rotating to have a bit of fun!
    Suggested time frame for arts and crafts: 30 minutes or less
  • Our Glitter Tattoo artist will offer a variety of colorful, sparkly and cool glitter tattoos to children. Our artist will be behind a sneeze guard and will safely only allow hands and forearms to be tattooed.
    Suggested time for glitter tattoo: 20 minutes or less
  • The Easter Egg Run races will be offered twice each time block or on the hour. The Easter Egg Run will have limited availability to allow kids safely to race. Children will get their own spoon and plastic egg. Using only one hand, carry the egg with the spoon a short distance without dropping the egg. Children that drop their eggs will have to start over until the race has won!
    Want to participate, must select a race time on reservation.

    • Note: The driving tour is approximately 30-45 minutes and walking tour check in can range 5-10 minutes. Plan accordingly if you are planning to participate in the Easter Egg Run race.

          Suggested time for Easter Egg Run race: 30 minutes 

Zoofari Tours

Self Drive Safari Tour (30-45 minutes)

  • Drive your own car through our Safari where you have the opportunity to pet and feed Llamas, Bison, Deer and more.
  • Purchase animal feed at check in (admission building).
  • Every car will stop a 3 stations along the route and collect a goody bag from our Zookeepers.
  • All Children will be able to collect 3 Easter filled bags of treats and toys in the Safari.


Walking Experience Tour (Unlimited time)

  • Pavilion Area will be the place to be for additional fun!
  • Bunny photos, Easter Parade, and Bubbles!!!
  • Enjoy feeding and petting sheep, as well as bottle feeding our goats.
  • Make sure to get an unforgettable ride on the back of our Camels.
  • Don’t forget to take a trip through the aviary filled with all kinds of beautiful birds!

Scheduled Easter Pavilion Fun Time Blocks 

9:30am – 11:30am

  • Arts & Crafts (2 projects)
  • Glitter Tattoo (Hand and Forearm ONLY)
  • Easter Egg Run @ 10:00am
  • Easter Egg Run @ 11:00am

11:30am – 1:30pm

  • Arts & Crafts (2 projects)
  • Glitter Tattoo (Hand and Forearm ONLY)
  • Easter Egg Run @ 12:00pm
  • Easter Egg Run @ 1:00pm

1:30pm – 3:30pm

  • Arts & Crafts (2 projects)
  • Glitter Tattoo (Hand and Forearm ONLY)
  • Easter Egg Run @ 2:00pm
  • Easter Egg Run @ 3:00pm

3:30pm – 5:30pm

  • Arts & Crafts (2 projects)
  • Glitter Tattoo (Hand and Forearm ONLY)
  • Easter Egg Run @ 4:00pm
  • Easter Egg Run @ 5:00pm


Season Pass Members will need to use the Easter promo code to book reservations. Email Guest Services to verify membership and receive promo code.


  • Camera
  • Smiles!
  • Picnic (optional)