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What is Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of yoga. It has become a staple in many animal lover’s workouts. It allows you to improve your physical and mental wellbeing simultaneously, while allowing you to connect with the world around you.


Saturday, May 8th (parents and children)

10:00am – Goat Yoga

11:00am – Cuddles/Brunch

Sunday, May 9th (parents ONLY)

10:00am – Goat Yoga

11:00am – Cuddles/Brunch

Details and Pricing

Season Pass Members: $40 per adult, $45 per child

Non-members: $50 per adult, $60 per child

Please note that this admission is NOT for the zoo, it is ONLY for the yoga and brunch. If you would like to experience the remainder of the zoo, we are happy to announce that admission for all Mothers that participate in goat yoga will be completely FREE from May 8th – May 9th.


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