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Re-Build the Barn

What is Re-Build the Barn?

Help Roer’s Zoofari in the construction of our new giraffe enclosure. Due to an unfortunate barn fire, our old enclosure is unsuitable for our giraffes. In order for us to be able to bring back these gentle giants we are reaching out to the community to help us raise the capital to bring them back for all of our amazing visitors to see once again.

How you can donate

Roer’s Zoofari has set up a GoFundMe for to help raise money for the enclosure.

You can also use this QR code that will send you to our GoFundMe.

qr code


After donating, feel free to spin our prize wheel for a chance at some awesome prizes including: Season Passes, Lemur Encounters, Souvenirs, and much more!

If you donate off site of the zoo, make sure to keep a digital or print copy of your donation receipt. You will be able to bring that in and will still be eligible for prizes.

Makers Union

Makers Union is a local restaurant in Reston Town Center, and was created around the idea of inclusivity and local ingredients.

We would like to give a special thanks to Makers Union and all of their staff for helping us spearhead our goal of raising $100,000. Makers Union held a fundraising event for us in early May, and to help show our gratitude we are encouraging customers to try out one of the hottest restaurants/bars in town.

Makers Union is home to a fun and approachable menu with new twists on familiar classics alongside travel-inspired dishes that represent our local area’s diversity.


  • Large selection of alcoholic beverages from Budweiser to local Craft Brews
  • Classic American dishes such as Wings and Burgers, with a nice mix of international cuisine such as Lamb and Moroccan Kabobs
  • Lots of vegetarian and seafood options like Calamari and a full Salad/Bowl menu

If you would like to check out there website, please click here.